These pricing tips from Photographers Connection are SO helpful!

Want to be able to say: “Yes! These are my prices, and no, I do not offer any discounts” with confidence? Read on!

Pssst, super fab photographer, want a golden ticket? I have a few to give away (actually I have an unlimited supply!), and I think your business could really benefit from snagging one. What if I told you figuring out your pricing could be as easy as accepting an all expenses paid trip to Mexico with your bestie? No, I didn’t drink too many pina coladas, I’m serious!

Far too many photographers stress out about pricing, when it really isn’t rocket science. Slap on a grass skirt and put a tropical flower in your hair, and let’s talk pricing!

I spend the first Saturday morning of every month at the flea market, which just so happens to be one of my happy places. I just love hunting for hidden gems, and I always find the cutest vintage items that I can dress up and add to my decor!

I am not a fan of haggling when it comes to prices (I guess I feel a little embarrassed), but my aunt and uncle are flea market pros, and absolutely love the thrill of negotiating prices, they look forward to that aspect of the day!

While bargaining is perfectly acceptable (encouraged, even!) at flea markets, I think we can all agree that is is absolutely not welcomed when it comes to our photography services.

There are few things as frustrating as getting a variation of the following email:

“Hi! I love your work and am dying to schedule a session with you! I saw that your prices start at $450, but my husband just lost his job, and I don’t work, so money is really tight. I would normally ask my mom to lend us the money, but she recently has been ill so I hate to bug her. My friend Susie had newborn pictures done with you, and she said you’re the best! I can pay about $200 for your base package, and I really hope that you’re willing to work something out with me!”

If you’re anything like me, reading these sorts of emails make you feel sick. I’m just going to be real here, clients trying to negotiate your prices sucks.

You won’t hear me swear much, so when I do, you know it’s serious. Yes, I do think ‘sucks’ is a swear word. I know, I know, weak sauce.

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Sometimes, even deciding how to price yourself is as difficult as saying no to a waterfall of chocolate, or gummy bears as big as your head (I love the clear ones, reds are a close second!).

Scratch that, it’s as hard as saying no to chocolate covered gummy bears. Seriously, it just doesn’t get much more irresistible than that, folks.

Before we go any further, you simply must watch this video, it sets the mood perfectly!

Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination! We’ll begin with a spin traveling in the world of Joy’s creation, what we’ll see with defy explanation…

If you want to view paradise, look around her site and view it! Anything you want to do, do it, want to change your pricing, there’s nothing to it…

If you long for a world where pricing your services was as easy as filling out worksheets, and reading a blog could change the way you do business (in a mind blowing way), you’re about to do a happy dance!

Check out these two auh-mazing FREE ebooks that will have you feeling confident in your pricing (finally!)!

Download Pricing Your Photography for Profit here and grab Joy’s Find the Right Steps eBook here!

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Once you’ve downloaded your goodies, spend some time on Joy’s blog, and bookmark it so you can check catch up once in a while (or every day, whatever floats your boat!).

Before I let you go, I want you to check out this great blog post on Joy’s site.

It sums up exactly why pricing is so important, and tells her tale of client that was reaching love story status, only to crash and burn because of pricing.

Remember, I’m always in your corner, with my pom-poms, cheering you on, so when you’re in a rut head over to Ask Kim, kick up your feet and spill your guts!

Oompa loompa doopity doo!


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