Create fake snow for your sessions with this awesome tutorial from Photographers Connection!

Let It Snow! …….But I Live in Florida!

I wish it would snow in Florida! What to do!!!! Well normally I would have gone out and purchased fake snow. You know those great fluffy piles of snow that can be used as filler or around the tree? The problem is, its not biodegradable and leaves a definite foot print in the location I’d be using.What am I supposed to do?

Well I asked and I got an amazing response from Diann Bond of Glimpse Photography. She suggested potato flakes! I thought okay, I’m going to give it a shot…and so I did!


The “Snowball” smack in the head lol


The kids loved being able to throw the “snow”!


We were even able to get the “Snow blow” pic too!

So all in all it was a huge success!

Most of all though, I was able to enjoy getting the images without worrying about the environmental impact. The flakes did require an extra shampoo to get them out of their hair but that was a minor inconvenience. Any pieces that ended up in the mouths were of no concern unlike with plastic or fake snow. It was cheap and I am looking forward to doing this again for my Christmas mini sessions!

Note: In post processing, I added an additional layer of blue to help cool down the images and just masked this off their faces. Snow overlays and other effects would enhance this look without looking like an after thought. I could have possibly dressed my children a bit more seasonally, but this was a practice run.

I hope you give this a try and I would love to see the images as a result!! Simply share a link in the comments below, or on our Facebook page!


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    socaldinah  I metered off my subjects. I dont recall the camera settings but I shoot in manual mode and use my in camera meter to achieve proper exposure. As far as aperture, I tend to shoot very wide open. I hope this helps.

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