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5 Secrets to $1000+ Sales

That’s right…I said it…you can make $1000 (or more) from any type of session. When I first started out in photography I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I was going to have to shoot weddings if I wanted to make a living.  I HATE WEDDINGS!  I’m not exaggerating when I say hate..I really hate them, I dread them, I stay as far away from them as possible…well unless I’m a guest and there’s an open bar and some awesome tunes…but whatever you do don’t ask me to bring my camera!

Well, try being a photographer and not shooting weddings…at the prices I was charging and the sales I was making it was impossible and I was burning out! With an average sale of $200-$300 I was not going to make it.  I had lost so much time with my family and felt like I was drowning and I was ready to quit!

I decided to make a big change in my business and start doing in person sales.  Since then I haven’t had a sale lower than $950. Last week I even had a $2400 sale!  I’m able to just shoot families because frankly that’s what I’m best at and that’s what I enjoy the most.

There’s a lot that goes into in person sales and I know a lot of people get overwhelmed by it, but I want you to know that if I can do it, you can do it!  The thought of selling in person made me want to run for the hills!  Getting out of my comfort zone has unfortunately been the biggest secret to my success.  If I didn’t I think I’d still be waiting around for my first clients!

Have I convinced you yet to switch to in person sales?  Are you already doing in person sales and struggling through it?  Here’s a few tips to get you started or to improve what you’ve already begun!

  1. Come to them- If you don’t have a studio you’ll love this tip!  Go to their home and do the appointment there.  It will not only be more convenient for them (no babysitter) but you’ll also be able to help them decide what photos would look best on different walls of their homes!
  2. Samples, Samples, Samples– Pick some of your favorite products and bring them (preferably the products in your packages).  When people see things in person it makes it much easier to invest and picture them in their home.
  3. Prints in Different Sizes- This goes along with samples but it’s SO important.  I’ve heard so many times “We’re going to get a few large prints…like 8×10”.  That’s right people think 8×10 is large!!  So when you say a 20×30 canvas they’re thinking it’s going to be enormous! That’s when you pull out the different sizes and show them that an 8×10 looks silly on the wall but a beautiful 20×30 fits just perfectly!
  4. Printed Pricing Guide- This is SO important.  Create a pricing guide with your prices and packages.  It can be an in depth guide (there are tons of templates available) or just a single page pricing sheet (I may have a free one for you at the end of this post!).  When a client sees the pricing printed out they become more concrete.  You can send this out in e-mails as you’re educating your clients on the experience but you can also have it in person (printed on nice thick paper or even a nice press card or album).  This pricing guide will simplify your ordering session by having everything laid out in front of them.
  5. SHUT-UP-  Sorry I don’t mean to yell but seriously shut-up!  I know this sounds like terrible advice…aren’t we supposed to be talking everything up and selling.  Yes, you are but you can also go too far.  This is a big decision this couple/family is making.  I know when my husband and I are making a big financial decision we have to talk about it.  When you’re done showing off your products and explaining your pricing step back and let them think.  Let them look things over and talk about what will work best for them.  If you don’t shut up you run the risk of being too pushy…if it works and gets you a sale it’s most likely not going to be a return client.  They’ll feel like they were cornered into making a big purchase.  The other thing that often happens if you don’t shut up is you could talk them out of a sale.  People hesitate when it comes to spending money. Don’t fill silence by saying “or you could just get some 8x10s” or “I guess I could give you $50 off”.  Don’t second guess yourself or what you’ve just presented to them.  Let them make the choice that’s best for them!  In the long run that’s the only way they’ll be happy with their purchase and their experience with you!

So how easy does this sound??

It’s not so bad right?  These simple steps are going to up your sales AND your client experience all at the same time!

To get you started with these steps I thought it might be nice if I gave you a little head start with this free pricing guide!  I’ve got a customizable version for you to download, add your own pictures, change the pricing if you want AND customize to your branding. 

Free Pricing Guide For Photographers

Know someone who might like it? Be sure to share it and pin it and of course I want to hear from you below so let me know what you think of the tips?  What problems have you been facing when it comes to your sales?  Let me know!

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