Blogging is a key part of marketing your photography business. Check out these great tips from Photographers Connection!

Stop Wasting Your Time Blogging How-To!

Do you want

~ To always know what to write about, how to do it, and when you should?

~ To have people love reading your blog so much, they seek you out and cry “give me more of you?!”

~ To quickly implement blogging into your workflow?

~ To use your blog as the master marketing tool it can be?

…all without hearing crickets in your inbox or hiring a copywriter and a designer to do it for you?

Yeah?  Awesome – keep reading!

You'll learn how to

Optimize your blog’s appearance (no more hair pulling!)

Craft blog posts that the right people actually read (no more crickets!)

Make your blog do its only job: bring you your perfect client

Know what’s most exciting?

This course is made for beginners – those new to blogging…and those of you who maybe aren’t so new, but aren’t getting the results you want.  So even if you don’t have a blog, have no idea what SEO means, or how you’d even start to write a blog post – don’t worry, your blog dreams are safe with us!

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What others are saying about SWYB

“Stop Wasting Your time Blogging is an amazing tool for any photographer. I could relate to so much in this course. I too thought I had to fit into a “mold” of what I thought a photographer should be and should act like. After doing this self guided course, I see now that I have been doing things all wrong! The lessons were so easy to follow and were, most importantly, to the point. If there is anything I struggle with, it’s keeping my attention on a bunch of filler. This course is full of easy to read, but informational material for anyone from beginner to pro. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to take their photography business to the next level.” – Alethia Rains, Alethia Rains Photography

“This course has opened up my eyes to the world of blogging and how much of an impact it can have on your photography brand and business! Jammie and Kelly show you how your blog can be your largest marketing tool and how to effectively implement it into your business regime. I recommend this course 100%  to EVERY photographer!” – Heather Ford, Sweet Pea Portraits by Heather

“I HATE BLOGGING!  That was what was going through my mind when I first sat down to read this and I felt quite overwhelmed by the thought of trying to change that. But, from the first page I found myself relating to what Jammie and Kelly had to say, and the more I read, the more I wanted to know! I love that this course is broken down into weekly, easy to digest, little nuggets so you don’t get overwhelmed. For the first time ever, I felt motivated to work on my blog! THANK YOU!” – Jen Dale, Jen Dale Photography


Why you'll love this!

Every single lesson covers a common frustration among photographer-bloggers.   The entire course is written is non-geek-speak and all our examples are tangible, high touch ideas you can implement immediately!

It’s completely self-study, so everything is delivered to you instantly (that means you can get to work right away!)

This is what blogging is really all about…

You may have the most amazing images in the world, but if your perfect clients do not know you exist – then you’re not really in business.  Your blog is the connection pipe between you, who is stuck inside your photography business, and your dream client, who is purposefully searching Google for their dream photographer.

Your blog makes all the formal, and not so formal, introductions.  It takes your dream client for coffee and lets them get to know you, all while sipping Starbucks.

It delivers exactly what your dream client is looking for, and then asks for their number – all before you’ve even met.

Yes, it’s possible.  In Stop Wasting Your Time Blogging, you’ll learn how to make that happen with actionable, easy-to-read lessons that leave you in control.  You’ll be completely inspired and break your blog frustration.

the best part

You don’t have to be an excellent writer or a technical wizard to rock this!  With a little planning, some crafted guidance and a nudge in the right direction, you’ll be amazed with what you create!

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Whos teaching you Jammie Lopez Kelly Tuohey

How will this help my business
what you'll learn

Once you purchase, you’ll be given a link with a direct download for the entire course!  That means you’ll get access to:

  • All four weeks of materials and action items (so you can work at your own pace!)
  • Bonus #1: “Why you need an email list (and how to do it!)” additional bonus content guide (complete with walk-through videos of how to set up a mailing list and put it on your blog AND your Facebook page!)
  • Bonus #2: Our Done-for-you resource guide that covers every place and every link you’ll need in your blog-building, website spiffing time with us.

Each lesson is jam packed with to-do lists, pro-tips and newbie mistakes to avoid.  Expect to put aside a few hours for each lesson to really implement what you’re learning.

whats covered in the course

Each lesson tackles a common frustration among photographer-bloggers.  Although the course is an immediate download, it’s best to start at Lesson 1 and work through in order, as each lesson builds on the previous one.

Lesson 1:  “I don’t know where to start!” If you’re completely new to blogging, this will be your life saver.  You’ll learn about different blogging platforms, hosting versus self-hosting, basic terminology, and most important – how to decide what to buy, what to install and where to start!

Lesson 2: “My blog looks horrible!” A crash course in design 101, you’ll learn the basics to get you up and running with a blog that won’t turn people away just because they can’t navigate your site.  Along with design fundamentals, you’ll also learn about design aspects specifically for photographers!

Lesson 3: “I don’t know what to say!” After working through this lesson, you will never have to utter those words again.  This lesson goes deep into the real reasons for blogging; you’ll discover how to craft blog posts your prospective clients actually want to read in addition to brainstorming key questions that will provide you with an endless list of amazing blog post topics!

Lesson 3(b): “I don’t have the time!” With this lesson, you’ll learn how to easily fit blogging into both your every day workflow AND your yearly marketing schedule.  You’ll learn about quick ways to upload your images and when the best time is to get your blogging done!

Lesson 4: “No one reads my blog!” This lesson is all about headlines, effective copywriting, and Search Engine Optimization.  You’ll see not only how social media can really make or break your blogging presence, but also why getting OFF your blog may be the most important tool to get people to read your blog and then seek you out!

Lesson 4(b): “How do I know if it’s working?” Last but not least you’ll discover the power of Google Analytics (and when you actually need to use it!).  You’ll also learn about building and nurturing your very own blogging community – how to handle comments of all types, and the most effective ways to engage with your readers!

Bonus #1:  “Why you need an email list (and how to do it!)” additional bonus content guide (complete with walk-through videos of how to set up a mailing list and put it on your blog AND your Facebook page!)

Bonus #2:  Our Done-for-you resource guide that covers every place and every link you’ll need in your blog-building, website spiffing time with us.



I already have a website and a blog.  Do I really need to take this course?
Well, are you happy with your blog?  Is it bringing you referrals and clients so that your calendar is fully booked?  If it’s not, then yes, you definitely want to take this course!

I don’t have the money right now.  What are my options?
Ask for it as an early Christmas present (er, birthday present!)  Or maybe you can run a mini session special or give an awesome booking incentive to help pay for the course! This is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make in your business.

When does the course start?  How long is it?
It’s an immediate download, meant to be taken as “self study,” so it starts whenever your little heart is ready!

The course is designed to be completed over 4 weeks, with some weeks having more “work” than others, but it depends on how quickly you work through the material and implement your changes.

I already love my design and I have a blog.  Can I just buy the lessons I need to read?
Sorry, the course is a full meal deal!  After all, I bet you learn something you didn’t know about blog design and implementation!

Will you design my blog for me?
This course does not include any type of one-on-one mentoring or website design.  If you need some design help and a website set up, send us an email  at for a custom quote.

Can you take a look at my blog and tell me what I need to fix?
Of course we can, but that’s not included as part of this course.  If you need our eyes on your blog (probably the quickest and most effective way to skyrocket your blogging goals), send us an email at for a custom quote.

Is there a live portion, weekly webinars or phone calls to join in?
No, this course is completely self study.

Can I read everything all at once?
Technically yes, but we really think you should read one lesson at a time and then work through the “to-do” list at the end of each lesson before moving on to the next one.  (We don’t want you to end up in blogging-overwhelm!)

Do you accept credit cards?
Heck yes we do! All all major credit cards + Paypal are accepted!

How do I access the course materials?
Once you pay, the course is available as an immediate download.  You can download directly from the payment confirmation page or your order confirmation email.

The course arrives neatly packaged in a ZIP file, so ensure you have WinZip or another extractor to open it.  (Most computers do this automatically or come with a file extractor program).  If you’re on your iPad, WinZip has a FREE app you can use to extract ZIP files.

Is there a special FB group I get to join in case I have questions?
Not at this time. However, we encourage you to ask questions on our Photographers Connection Facebook page (we see them all!).