Learn how to shoot in manual with this easy to follow, informative course from Photographers Connection!

It’s not just that most photography manuals are overly complicated, it’s that they don’t answer the really important questions.  They are not telling you what you really want to know.

They explain aperture when what you really want to know is how to make your backgrounds blurry.

They tell you about white balance when all you are looking for is how to create beautiful colour, right in the camera.

I realized there was this disconnect between what most photography courses taught and what photographers actually wanted to learn. 

You want to learn how to really use your camera – control it, make it do what you see in your head.

And that’s different than just learning about what your camera does with a little bit of photographic theory thrown in.

So, I was inspired to create a solution that closed the gap.  To take photographers from confusion to clarity with something fun, fast and simple.

In truth, photographing in manual is easy, painless and liberating… as should learning how to photograph in manual. 

Kickin’ Auto is a 4 week online beginners photography course for those that want to master their camera and finally kick auto’s a$$!

This is for you if …

  • You’ve got the eye and the passion for photography, but are still a bit apprehensive about switching over to manual.  You shoot mainly in auto, or semi-auto modes, and are just riding on hope that you don’t run into a situation your camera can’t handle.
  • You are just lacking a little knowledge, a little know-how.  And once you’ve got it, you are going to fly.  Like, really take off.
  • As a newer photographeryou are busy.  Really busy.  (Because people are loving your work!)  You don’t have the time to “figure it all out,” play around with your settings, read through photography text books, or take courses that are months long.

And you know that one day it’s going to catch up with you.  A session your camera can’t handle. It gets it wrong, and you can’t fix it.  It’s sad, but you feel there isn’t really anyone you can ask, or chat to about your fears, your problems.  After all, you’re the professional, right?

Say good bye to camera frustration!
(and feeling a tiny bit like you can’t hold it together)

Shooting Manual Made Easy

No really.
Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Module 1: Camera basics – nailing focus and creating beautiful colour

We’re starting right at the beginning with the two most important concepts for consistent, beautiful, tack sharp images. (and no, it’s not an explanation of the exposure triangle). Learn how to:

  • create tack sharp images no matter what the conditions (a toddler who won’t sit still, low lighting, large groups of people…what have you!).
  • control what’s in focus and where.
  • adjust your colour for different lighting conditions – and get beautifully coloured images, right out of the camera.

Module 2: Meet semi-auto (he’s just as smart as his big brother, Mr. Manual)

Module 2 explains the simplicity behind creating blurry backgrounds as well as blurry subjects (yep, sometimes blurry subjects are just what you want!)

  • make your backgrounds blurry (and how much, or how little blur you want! It’s up to you – you’re in control, remember?).
  • make your subject really pop – and make a statement with your images.

We’ll show you what to set on your camera, how to set up your subjects and start getting you to think about what story YOU want to tell.

Module 3: Find more light.

In this module, you’ll learn the tricks for letting more light into your images, without using your pop-up flash.  It’s very simple and can be achieved in more than one way, regardless of whether you’re in M mode!

  • shows how to add more light to your images without compromising your focus.
  • photograph in low light conditions without using flash (and still have sharp, amazing photos!).

Module 4: Bring it all together.

This last module explores making the move to manual & some final tips and tricks to master your camera (whether you photograph in manual or NOT!)

You determine how much control you give your camera. The process of photographing in manual doesn’t have to happen overnight!  In this module, we show you how to continue mastering manual beyond this course.

& Bonuses:  Resource Guide & Private Facebook Group

Because who doesn’t love extra goodies?  We’ve compiled an exclusive list of our go-to resources and favorite vendors. It’s probably the most time saving little goodie you’ll get your hands on this year.

You’ll also get access to our Facebook group just for Kickin’ Auto students! This your private playground to support each other & ask for help, feedback and advice.  

Because who doesn’t love social media??

If you want to stop shooting in auto and master manual, you've gotta check out Kickin' Auto, the popular e-course from Photographers Connection!


What’s this all boil down to? I mean, what are you really going to get?

Clarity + Confidence. Plain + Simple.

No one can take the knowledge away from you.  You’ll be able to handle any session, shoot in more locations, more lighting conditions, practice your craft and hone your skills without worrying about what the camera may or may not do. 

Because you’ll be in control.

… and you’ll be surprised + delighted by:

Seriously – by how many “a-haaaa!” moments you’ll have...you may just fall in love with your camera all over again. (And you were thinking you needed to buy a new one – betcha not anymore!)

I know how frustrating it is to figure out how your camera works. It takes time, the manuals are confusing (nobody’s disagreed with me yet!) – and getting it right out in the field is always a thousands times more complicated than reading about it in a book.

So every single lesson has real world practice - where you’ll stop reading and go do the easy-peasy exercise. Right. That. Moment.

Students Raves Kickin Auto


Pricing + Payment:

Become a master of manual for only $149 in just 4 weeks!! 

Prefer a payment plan? Enroll now with 3 easy payments of $57!

Here’s how it works:

Once you enroll in Kickin’ Auto we will create your student membership and email your log-in credentials within 24 hours. As soon as you receive your welcome email, you’ll gain instant access to our student center where you’ll download your first lesson. Then every Monday for 4 weeks you’ll get new lessons delivered straight to your inbox!

Are you ready? Great! Right now, I want you to …

Reserve your very own spot. Because YOU deserve nothing but the best and to be nothing but the best!!

Do you find yourself making these excuses?

I’m too busy right now! There’s no way I’ll ever fit it in.

We can tell you, from the other side of the fence, that it isn’t going to get any less busy. NOW is the perfect time. When you’re committed, you make the time.

It’s too much money for me to spend right now. I can’t afford it.

Let’s rephrase that to “how can I afford this?” Make the commitment, because it’s going to change your photography life forever. Consider how easy it is to spend $149 on little, meaningless things, over the course of a month. A few props here, maybe a book or two, Starbucks, new shoes…$149 is peanuts to spend on knowledge….and it’s impossible to un-learn a month from now.

I’m too new at this whole photography game. I’m not ready to photograph in manual.

Poppy-cock!! Here’s a secret for you: Photographing in manual is NOT the cat’s meow. The key is being able to control your camera and know what settings to choose in order to make it do what you see in your mind. Don’t be overwhelmed by having to “photograph in manual.” That’s not the point! Anyone who can read, and who has a good sense of humour, is ready for this course. All it takes is the willingness to learn.

Now are you ready to rock your camera and unleash the photographer within??

I want to help you become the photographer of your dreams!



When does class start?

You’ll be given access to our Member’s Area for students within 24 hours of enrollment, along with access to our private Facebook group for students. As soon as you receive your welcome email with your student log-in credentials you can sign in and download our intro lesson which lays the “ground work” for this entire course! Then every Monday for 4 weeks you’ll get new lessons delivered straight to your inbox!

How much does it cost?

It’s only $149 for this 4 week long e-course.  Don’t forget, you also get access to a private “students only” Facebook group where you can ask questions and get valuable support through your journey!!

Do you offer a payment plan?

Why yes, we do! You can enroll with 3 easy payments of $57!

Is that USD?

Yeppers, it is!

How is the course delivered? Do I have to travel?

No travel required, except from your couch to your computer!  This course is delivered online, so you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Will I have access to the course after the 4 weeks?

YES!  You will have lifetime access to this course and any future upgrades we make to it!!

Is there a live portion, weekly webinars, or phone calls to join in?

No, this course is entirely online, delivered via email and can be done at your own pace (once you have all the materials of course).  There’s no live portion.

Do you accept credit cards?

Heck yes we do!  All forms of electronic payment are accepted.

I already photograph in manual, is this course for me?

That’s really hard for us to say.  Do you feel like you’re in control of your camera?  Can you reproduce amazing images consistently, or is it touch and go?  The course is geared for beginners who aren’t comfortable with their cameras, but anyone can photograph in manual without really understanding what they’re doing.

There are just a few things I want to learn. What, exactly, do you cover?

Scroll back up to the top and read through the Module topics above.  That’s exactly what we’re going to cover!

Will you address lighting and off camera flash?

Nope, sorry.   This is all about mastering your camera in available light.  Lighting is for another class!

Will you teach editing techniques?

Nope, sorry.  This is all about mastering your camera.  Editing is for another class!

If you’re frustrated with the images your camera is producing, then it’s time to kick auto’s a$$!

If you have any other questions, please email us at support@photographersconnection.com