Photographers! Check out this crash course to open share!

Just What, Exactly, is Open Shade?

What is open shade? What difference will knowing make on your photography?  Lots. (as in, get ready to have your next a-ha! moment)

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Composition is SUCH an important factor of good photography. Learn the "rules" here!

Your Camera’s Best Kept Secret…

OK, that post title might be a slight over exaggeration. But what I’m sharing with you today is the key to gaining control over your camera and the images you want to create. I remember when I got my first dSLR and I tried SO HARD to understand what would make an image dark versus too light.  I read up for hours on the internet and I studied “exposure tables” (because I’m a nerd like that) to try and predict what settings I’d need to create the right image – where ever I happened to be.

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The best way to wow your clients is to deliver fabulous service. Get ahead with these tips from Photographers Connection!

Easy Tips to Turn Clients Into Raving Fans (AKA: Referral Machines)!

Confession time: while I love photography, I love branding and business more. After two years in the photography business I’ve discovered that while being an amazing photographer that consistently works magic with your camera is huge, creating a memorable brand just might be even bigger. Don’t shake your head yet; hear me out!

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Create fake snow for your sessions with this awesome tutorial from Photographers Connection!

Let It Snow! …….But I Live in Florida!

I wish it would snow in Florida! What to do!!!! Well normally I would have gone out and purchased fake snow. You know those great fluffy piles of snow that can be used as filler or around the tree? The problem is, its not biodegradable and leaves a definite foot print in the location I’d be using.What am I supposed to do?

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Check out these great tips for photographing children from Photographers Connection!

5 Tips for photographing any child ~ Even the tough ones

For those of you who are family Photographers, you know that photographing kids is not always unicorns and rainbows. Some kids are painfully shy, while others are full of too much energy to sit long enough for you to hit the shutter button. As Photographers, we must come prepared and know how to gain credibility in the child’s eyes before we photograph them. If we don’t have a plan, we will be walking away very frustrated photographers with few acceptable pictures to present to our client.

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Check out these tips for in person sales for photographers, from Photographers Connection.

5 Secrets to $1000+ Sales

That’s right…I said it…you can make $1000 (or more) from any type of session. When I first started out in photography I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I was going to have to shoot weddings if I wanted to make a living.  I HATE WEDDINGS!  I’m not exaggerating when I say hate..I really hate them, I dread them, I stay as far away from them as possible…well unless I’m a guest and there’s an open bar and some awesome tunes…but whatever you do don’t ask me to bring my camera!

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