These pricing tips from Photographers Connection are SO helpful!

Want to be able to say: “Yes! These are my prices, and no, I do not offer any discounts” with confidence? Read on!

Pssst, super fab photographer, want a golden ticket? I have a few to give away (actually I have an unlimited supply!), and I think your business could really benefit from snagging one. What if I told you figuring out your pricing could be as easy as accepting an all expenses paid trip to Mexico with your bestie? No, I didn’t drink too many pina coladas, I’m serious!

Far too many photographers stress out about pricing, when it really isn’t rocket science. Slap on a grass skirt and put a tropical flower in your hair, and let’s talk pricing!

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The best way to wow your clients is to deliver fabulous service. Get ahead with these tips from Photographers Connection!

Easy Tips to Turn Clients Into Raving Fans (AKA: Referral Machines)!

Confession time: while I love photography, I love branding and business more. After two years in the photography business I’ve discovered that while being an amazing photographer that consistently works magic with your camera is huge, creating a memorable brand just might be even bigger. Don’t shake your head yet; hear me out!

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Check out these tips for in person sales for photographers, from Photographers Connection.

5 Secrets to $1000+ Sales

That’s right…I said it…you can make $1000 (or more) from any type of session. When I first started out in photography I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I was going to have to shoot weddings if I wanted to make a living.  I HATE WEDDINGS!  I’m not exaggerating when I say hate..I really hate them, I dread them, I stay as far away from them as possible…well unless I’m a guest and there’s an open bar and some awesome tunes…but whatever you do don’t ask me to bring my camera!

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Get your website up and running in five minutes flat with Photographers Connection!

Get Your Self-Hosted Website Running in Just 5 Minutes

“Do I really need a website?  I mean I’ve got Facebook.” The answer to that question is YES!  You need a website!  If not a website then a blog site (either way you’re in the right spot!).  A great website is a surefire way to make a great first impression! Lets face it, the thought of creating a website can be overwhelming.  You may feel like a you don’t have time to figure out how to set it up or even where to begin. SURPRISE! We’ve figured it out for you!  Not only have we created a video tutorial to explain just how to get a WordPress site up and running, we’ve shown you how to do it in just 5 minutes!

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Make a few quick bucks lickety-split with these 5 tips!

Make a few buckaroos lickety-split with these 5 simple + quick tips!

So you’re dying to become a fellow Lightroom Lush, or maybe a Photoshop Fanatic, heck maybe none of the above and instead you want to pamper yourself (because hey, YOU FREAKIN’ DESERVE IT!!!) but you don’t have the cash to invest…. no problem-o, let me help!

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Behind every professional photographer is a WEBSITE! Get yours in tip-top shape with these tips from Photographers Connection!

No More Bland Websites! Create a Functional, Visually Appealing Website That Attracts New Clients Like Crazy With These Tips!

If you don’t already have a website, consider this a swift kick in the behind. You TOTALLY need a website. Facebook just won’t cut it. Neither will Etsy. Fact is, you don’t actually own either of those sites, and that’s scary! Having your own site gives you control of how your content is displayed, and frankly, it just looks good. You look like a legitimate business if you have a website you can direct people to. Creating one (or updating the one you already have!) is easy. Check out this list of the things your website absolutely must have, and tips on how to make each page stand out!

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